Character got reset without requesting it,

I tried to play on the server today, and when I joined i was forced to pick a new panet and start over, I’m not sure why this happened as I did not request this last time I played, I would like to my character set back to what it was before, I’m on the NA server.

When did you play the last time on NA HWS?
We are Cleaning people if played under 5 hours and didn’t login for 15 days

Last played would of been around thursday or friday the week past, and I have 48 hours played on the server

Can you give me your ingame name please and change your forum name accordingly? I cant find you like that

It looks like you could be player grim. That player exists twice oin the server. So it might be that the other one resettet you on 05.09.17 7:49. We fixed that problem, but i guess a day to late. I have your backup (if it is you grim) and could put it in again. Just let me know who you are.
And best is: Change your Steam-Name, since chatbot only works if your name is unique from now on.

yes my in game name is Grim, was wondering would i be able to get set back to before i was reset, Im working on fixing my name on steam, thanks

Ok i set you back.

PS: Changing Name in steam is quite easy and you can alway undo it. Just go ot profile and enter your new Nickname