Character is missing

Hi, I had a character on the server that is missing. I was off for a few weeks and when I came back on the server it is now asking me to choose a starting planet. I have tried repeated times to re-log with the same result. My faction mate (Kibri) tells me that my ships are still there. Can you help me. My in game name was Strat. I have cap vessel and a sv docked to it in space. It’s as if there is a verification or id problem or something. :question:

Oh, and I am on the NA server.

Hey whats your ingame name? Strat?
If so: I see you werent here for a month. Formely we deleted Player who did not return after 15 days. We changed that to those who werent only for 15 days and have less thant 5 playhours. Could be that it was automatically deleted.
We do this automatically since we have like a few thousand new player each month… Gets a bit full