Chatbot Commands not working WORKAROUND

Hey guys,

sadly since the last update of the game the chatbot is not working properly. Often commands are just not executed. If that happens to you just type cb:start and he will kick you like old times and process all commands.

You can also just type cb:start instead of re-logging on your own.

We hope to find a fix for this soon.


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hey rexxxus, i was wondering if there is a way to get my iron out of the autominer i have 1680 ore, plus various other ores in the AM. Will these still be available to me?

just type am:get:all / cb:start. You can get them but everything else is frozen.

Even with cb:start i and teammates are having a hard time.


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FIXED! No need of CB:Start anymore!
Thanks for your patience

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The chat still posts the tip about using cb:start periodically.

Oh thanks… will turn it off soon :wink:

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