Circumvent origin planet kick timer

OK the first time I reported a suspicious attack… all ppl were giving advices…‘40k in space is not enough’…
yeah right… then the waypoint exploit was revealed a while after.
Now I want to suggest a check on this Utred guy from WKN (Freelance) faction.
What this faction seems to do is go to other faction’s starter planet (Uranus in this case), disable entire bases and nearby defenses, and then one member of them (which is not freelancer, but match the planet origin, guardian in this case) stays behind stealing all the stuff from the disabled base.
I find this behaviour to be ‘exploity’. Origin planets are configured to kick out other origins for a reason. If they take the work to quickly descend, grab stuff and then go, no problem, that would need a dedicated team of people.
But they cheated the kick timer by having one player at guardian origin collecting all the loot for them, without worring about the timer (he stayed like 4 hours on origin planet, there were a great deal of resources at the base). /Edit I can’t check that he is really a guardian, but I BET that he didn’t spend 4 hours just resetting the kick timer and diving into the base?
Also today he is at faction called WAR instead of WKN. That is what people with dirty asses do (faction/name change).
(Also I can’t know if they rightfully disabled the base with all that tower defenses lying around. is it possible to check if core was destroyed before base’s weapons?)

log here:


@RexXxuS @Achilles

Tagging them in this post because this is a concern. I don’t know if this is something players can dictate to be “exploit” or “creative idea”

I agree, if you have a dedicated team to avoid the countdown by going in then out of the planet, I see that as fair play. Creating a whole faction, just for the sake of raiding a base and looting it, then returning to the other faction, if that’s not an exploit, then its just foul play.

Hello all,

Utred is one of our newer members. WKN(Currently War) is primarily a freelancer faction but it is open to any origin that needs a home. He petitioned several guardian factions and was denied entry. We are not based primarily on any origin world. As freelancers we have several different types of individuals and origins in our faction. Some are more aggressive than others. War has been created to allow us to separate our identities some. We are migrating into two distinct yet like minded factions.

Dr. Flux will be leading War. I shall be leading WKN.

We welcome any inspection of our tactics as there have been no exploits just complacent players it seems.

Your ‘tactic’ is to have a guardian loot stuff for your faction at a planet where freelancers cannot stay.
It is not a ‘hack/exploit’ of course, but you are doing what software rules are supposed to stop you from doing.
I do not know what do you mean by ‘complacent player’, but lets just see what the admins have to say about this. I don’t forum a lot so I don’t remember what was the standing about guardian-guardian attack on starter planet.
Also since the intruder log is limited by range, only the admins can say if he worked alone or you were assisting him and left him to loot.

Eesh. This is skirting some harsh boundaries.

No issues w freelancer vs guardian, but g v g for the sake of war is no bueno and goes against the role play of the guardian faction.

And G using FL and a means to loot fellow G’s is reeeeally iffy / not cool.

Unless I read that wrong and is war v wkn?

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Hi @dsmarine,

Utred was all alone. He multi-tooled some unattended autominers, popped a couple powered down CV’s, and sniped and rescored a base. Ranzeth and many others do that all the time.

He was doing similar tactics as a solo guardian prior to joining War just unsuccessfully. He learns very quickly.

To be clear. Guardians wouldn’t ally with him, wouldn’t accept him to faction, and he couldn’t build on Uranus (Giggle)

No other Origin was involved with the attack. Back to what @Zed-Nate25 was referencing. The origin planets only offer relative safety. War currently does not have a origin hit team staged or any immediate plans for one but any member is free to vent their frustrations where they would like. If you catch him alone on Uranus feel free to smoke him. .

I too am a guardian; this was my second trip to the planet, my first ended in a ball of fire briefly after arrival. regardless of your opinions about my values or the way in which I carry out my sworn duty as a guardian im sure there is a way we could all live in peace on the planet of Uranus.

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