Citizens Unite against SWP and Piracy

Hello I’m Gunslinger.

I am on the EU server.

I am starting this topic to see if its possible to set up a Union of sorts to help stop Piracy.

I for one am sick of losing CV’s and time NOT spent mining Gold. We all know The gold planet has been taken over by SWP. I myself have lost 2 cv’s already this week. I have had enough.

So I would like as many people to join this group and come up with some ideas, support and possibly the creation of a Union.

I look forward to your replies.

PS If your a Pirate please don’t respond.

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lol i have lost about 6 Cv´s due to buggs when being attacked by SWP. I dont fight them anymore

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Hey zappe21 I don’t fight them but still lost 2 this week. Lets see how many people we can get here. The more we have the bigger chance we can get it sorted.

well if you can round up 15 people i maybe have 10 more.

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I am sure we can do that. The issue is not wiping them off the planet its keeping them off.

Iam in i lost whole faction assests on unfair situtation against SWP. Rebuilding , paypack will be absolutly joy

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see 3 people in 5 mins we are doing well.

well they are 25 people in SWP…

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I never seen more than 5 or 6 on at one time. Also I read a post saying a lot have left as people keep accusing them of cheating. This Union is not about SWP cheating or using Bugs so lets not go into that its just about getting them off and keeping them off.

What I would like to see is either an Alliance faction or Bounty Hunter Faction police this system and planet. We cannot ask them to do this for free. One though is that we have a treasurer who we all pay a certain amount or % that pass that on to either of those factions.

What did you post that’s being withdrawn?

i withdrawed it myself. Tought it wasnt appropriate. I commented about zappe21 post of bugs using, i just sayd, should video every SWP contact, but withdrawed my post as does not want start that talk.

Here is not about that, its about unite against overwhelming pirate acitivity

I like idea to hire of alliance or hunter faction by theyr presence, but is there powerfull enough faction against them

"fear has big eyes"©

as I said I have never seen that many of them. Infact I think you can check in game by looking at factions. I would but not at home.

there is 5 at the moment in online, but they have more than that members

not many but when you are a single trader like me that’s 5 too many

yes, its same to me as iam single hunter

Your a bounty Hunter?

Yes I am. But as no members i dont have enough power to take them down. bytheway theres 7 of them now online and Empyrion tells there is 23 members joined.

PvP ruins games and should be banned.