City Auxilio (Guardians NA Server)

Hey all Its been along time since i started Auxilio and its came very long way :slight_smile: so before I get into things I wanna start by saying thank you to all the players who have used auxilio and the friends ive made along the way.
also a big thanks to ZRA and LoT for bringing new services and possibilties for the concept of auxilio.
So here it is guys Designed by myself and co-funded by ZRA i would like to now present city axilio :slight_smile:


City Auxilio is now fitted with an ADMIN CORE, It is now inderstructable and will be situated in uranus orbit during wipes. All are free to visit and explore, Turrets will be deactivated and i will not attack anyone who boards, I expect the same from anyone who does board.
If for whatever reason you do feel the need to assault the city while I am onboard I will give you THREE warnings to deactivate your turrets. AFTER your THIRD AND FINAL WARNING I WILL ACTIVATE THE TURRETS!! YOU WILL LOOSE!! so be smart turn the turrets off :wink:

The Good old designs Kurupt7 provided for the SV’s are still being used as the are great for their purpouse.

And my bright modded mining HV are still here too :slight_smile:

The communal areas are open to all, the devices are publicly coded (for personally coded devices you can rent you own person apartment)

The communal garden is roughly the same size as before maybe a little larger and is now outdoors.

Auxilios Fulls services along with recruitment boards, LoT epic program can be found behind Auxilio tower.

The StarPort is available to all, it houses public ATM’s and Trading terminals, The Ferry CV will also Be used in lots epic loan program

The Info Stations are still currently being used so all can use them to easly find their way around or pick up others

Thought I’d let the screens do most of the talking lol.
I will now use public SV’s to list each structure so it can be seen from anywhere, no need to do this with the space port however as it resides next to auxilio.


Already spoke to you in PM but have to say after checking this out it is an amazing creation and great for the community and new players

Thanks for creating this :slight_smile:


Pure dedication. Pure awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping the community and providing all of this for everyone!


It’s my pleasure and I’m glad you guys like and appreciate it :slight_smile: thank you from that and providing the server for us all to enjoy.
I’ve messaged you back achillies :smiley:



I explored this last night too… freaking AWESOME. I LOVE the idea you have for “apartment” rentals… price is reasonable and will act as a great jumping point for new players… nicely defended (heard it killing off things nearby) and they dont have to worry about much other than leveling up

GREAT JOB… oh and it looks cool too!

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Ty bud :slight_smile: yeah thought the apartments would help new players just work on collecting resources and leveling up, glad u took the time to look around, ty for that :slight_smile:

Forgot to add aswell there is a LCD within the starport that you can list things for sale like your old CV or SV’s just give me a shout if you want one listed :slight_smile:

Ive added this to the top of the threas but will also add it here. no exscuses for not seeing it.
City auxilio now has an ADMIN CORE making it INVINCIBLE. durring wipes i will situate it with the turrets turned OFF in uranus orbit, ALL are welcome to explore the ship and i will not kill anyone who boards and expect the same from all players who may board.
As states the city is now invincible so please deactive your turrets and save ammo. anyone who DOES ASSAULT the city while i am onboard will recieve 3 WARNINGS, Failure to comply with the THIRD AND FINAL WARNING WILL RESULT IN THE CITYS TURRETS BEING ACTIVATED AND YOU WILL LOOSE!!! so be smart and turn the turrets off.

id like to add a massive thank you to the team for the trust placed in me by providing the admin core to the city, special thanks to achillies for setting it all up for me :slight_smile:

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