Class Limit SV / HV

Rexx i know but dont hate me pls…
This is an extremelly discussed topic but it is impossible to afford as it is now.

I was on Golden Globe during this Sunday and was very fun. Life in PVP is fun and POSSIBLE(at least untill you go to sleep) then your base will be wiped and your stuff stole (but this is pvp no whine or stuff like that, i enjoyed the time spent there) BUT it is unbelivable that ONE single BIG SV destroy a base defended by 4 HV only because it is a BIG BLOCK of IRON BLOCKS (I think 20k) or it is impossible that 3 HV and 1 SV attacking and firing continuosly to a single SV and it is alive and the 3 HV are gone and the SV is safe because retreat…

In my opinion SV and HV need a limitation to their class/blocks.

I would suggest a limitation to class 1 and 3-5.000 blocks. (and they are still a lot) Otherwise the fight is just a matter of LAGSHOTS(if you are lucky you hit thru blocks) and when you finish turrets/mounted weapons you turn your SV/HV and retreat without almost no internal damage just some scratch in the survace…

This is not fun and BASES are too much disadvantaged

PS (another option is to throw a big 20k blocks SV over the base and while the base hit this SV snipe the turrets with a second SV… Very easy.

Reducing Size of HV/SV is a good way to let players skill emerge

Please only additive reply no flames pls

My 2 cents


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My advice here is to take a look at your turret settings. Default settings put you at a disadvantage against large ships like these, because turrets will spread their fire across whatever it can hurt first. Meaning nothing meaningful is destroyed. For Anti SV, I recommend targetting only manual weapons, except for rockets and arty (and maybe plasma) targetting core as well. Manual weapons by definition are critical to the enemy ship, always facing forward, and likely exposed.

Hope it helps.

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→ absolute truth

another version is to build a HV with tons of blocks in front before the core and approach until turret range
a normal hv with two people in it, approach until artillery range and dodge shots while the other guy snipes all turrets

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I have to agree… sadly with the actual limitaions SV/HV fights are not fun. Something that should be based on piloting and construction skills just get down to putting the biggest possible ammount of blocks you can and being the first to land a lucky lagshot into the cockpit.

The problem when it comes to bases are one thing - what’s the point of owning a base if one just need to drop 20k of blocks on top of it to keep it busy whilehe he kills it?

The most important point - right now HV/SV comabt is boring, and quite laggy due to the sizes of ships.

I HV fights you’ll run out of turrets way faster than the enemy will run out of HP.
In SV fights its not unusual to actually be able to carry less ammo than the enemy has blocks.

2 days ago we had 6 HVs pummeling one SV for 5 minutes, without taking it down (most shots landing), jsut because of the sheer amount of blocks it had.

I know the settings are important and I already set them, but it is boring because the turrets are wiped in the first 40 sec of fight then you have a block of 20k iron almost indestructible to bring back at the base, rearm and repeat… it is boring

First off stop saying 20k block god bless you cry babies always over exaggerate when it comes to crying. I’ve faught SWP/RED all of those factions you people are crying over… They fly big ships yes but most of them aren’t even 10k blocks so stfu with that. I myself fly a 10k block SV and that’s about THE HIGHEST you can go with size class 3. That’s IF you know how to build. It will fly like crap too because of the amount of RCS you’ll need due to weight etc. What do you want it to be next size class 2? He just changed it to size 3 and already crying like little babies about the size of ships. The ships aren’t the problem so stop. It’s the damage of the weapons, ALL OF THEM. The turrets on the CV’s need a buff, the turrets on the bases need a buff, the turrets on HV’s need a HUGE buff, the manual fire weapons need a HUGE buff. That’s all it is. People calling them lag ships are the people who need new computer or need to learn the difference between lag ships and a bunch of shit in one play field so there is more lag than normal. You CANT build lag ships anymore. So tired of hearing it. I play on new computer and I have 0 lag at all times… Lag spikes here and there but that’s it. Do some research on stuff before you want changes to be made.


Answer this then Colin, do you think a class 3 SV/HV is needed especially if the problem is the damage of the turrets? This is the answer?

Do you find fun when you have to retire from the fight because you’ve lost all the turrets even if your SV/HV is fully operational?

PS I never spoke of LAGSHIP, i spoke of LAGSHOT They are two different words and have two differents meaning
PPS I play on a good computer i think with a Gforce GTX 980 Ti, 64 GB Ram, SSD HD dedicated only for OS and Empyrion CPU I7 so i think my PC is more than required for this game, and yesterday at some point i GOT MASSIVE LAG during the fight on Gold Planet so it does not depend on it.

It is 6k blocks only… :grinning:

Remove photo because someone use it to buid like me… LOL loosers

2 Likes this is a response to your complaints about lags in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I do believe I spoke up when everyone was calling for reduction to size class 3 from 4.
Now here we are not even one week in from wipe and people are already calling for size class 2.
Like I said before the wipe we will be at size class 1 by Christmas. Get your Scooty Puff Jr

We need a tractor beam turret to lock enemy ships and a new check “pilot in cockpit/inside vessel” for turret targeting to prevent decoys.

We are not speaking of CV class read before write pls. We are talking of Sv/HV

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You should take your own advice scrub. Nowhere in my reply did I mention CVs.
In fact the Scooty Puff Junior would be considered a SV.

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This is referring to Cv or I am wrong? I thought that CV were downsized to class 3 from 4… and I NEVER asked for a CV downclass in my post

Ps I hope we will have class 1 max 3k block Sv/HV way before Christmas

I’m sorry but if your base and manned HV can’t fight off an SV then your design is bad. Just because you can’t build decent ships and bases doesn’t mean the other guy’s SV is too big.

If a block limit is necessary 5k would be as low as I would consider reasonable. Additionaly the idea of limiting by class size for SV’s is ridiculous. I have a 3200 block SV and it needs 200 rcs and over 100 engines to be reasonably maneuverable. If you reduce the class limit to 1 nobody will be able to fly an SV larger than 1500 blocks without it being a worthless brick that can’t maneuver.


@Vakharn is a common enemy of mine but he is 100% spot on, they need to add T2 RCS for SV’s like they have for CV’s and all will be well.

They need to add an alternative to bigger is better, new weapons/devices, new ways to engage enemies, differents tactics.

What do you think of a powerful TV guided missile? If you’re alone in your ship, you’re vulnerable, can’t fly your cv and aim at the same time.
Differents ammunitions types you could change in battle, the workload should be so heavy that a team mate could help manage those things.
Something that shut down enemy generators or any devices in the area of effect for a few seconds, a missile again, a proxy mine, a bubble slowing enemy ship, could take a lot of shapes.

I would prefer PvP with more useful active devices than adding more completely passive armor, less auto aiming, special abilities with cooldown, more player choices in battle. For the moment it’s just about damage (capped) and armor (capped at class 3 for performances), it’s unbalanced and boring.

And they could add epic vessel weapons/devices and/or boosters to enhance your vessel as you play, not just pop it from factory, it would add some surprise for enemies, (greater range, faster missile, faster reload)

While normally I don’t agree with anything colin says, him and vakharn are right. I have a 6500 block HV and even with 200 RCS and 220 of the new HV jet thrusters it still handles like a turd.

You guys complaining just need to realize this is a pvp server and your 1-2k block workshop sv/hvs are not big enough for serious pvp. No one has 20k block ships, even 10k is a massive slug, you should be kiting, sniping, and dodging more with a smaller more agile ship.

I would really like to see a video of a single SV taking out a base that is being actively defended. Major combat system enhancements are likely not coming before patch 8.0 Hummel told me.

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Why you have to build a 6300 block HV?

He doesn’t have to maybe he wants to? It’s hard to make vessels look good when they are tiny.