Clear your texture Cache's Drama 1

Ok, it would appear Im not alone in taking Rex at his word and clearing out my textures folder. Backed up first and restored, however, I seem to have some weird problems.

  1. All of my workshop BluePrints have gone, which to be fair, isnt a major issue as it was getting a little messy in there anyway. BUT, I now cant seem to resubscribe to the BP I actually want. Ive unsubscribed and subscribed again, but theyre not showing up in my BP’s. Any clue anyone?

  2. I figured I was well read on the changes to server but Imagine my surprise in finding Neptune as PVE. Is this a mistake or did I misread something? Anyhow, filled with mixed emotions (I liked the PVE home planet in version 4, however was really enjoying the threat of attack on PVP Neptune) I decided to mod a PVE Base I designed to fit within server limits. Spent a good few hours removing windows and adjusting devices to get the count down from 900 to under 500. I managed this however the new version has jumped up to Size Class 6 while the original remains at 4. Any Clue anyone?

  1. Read something about local files not matching server files. Have I inadvertantly caused myself a problem … ?? I’d appreciate not being banned if thats ok, I quite like it here.

Its rly Drama))) Before cleaning something - check WHAT u gonna del. And ofc, new size system said: u need to resave all BP u need in Creative, to see its real size.

P.S.: Origins planets - must and WOULD be PvP. This gonna be change in next restarts. Be ready.


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