Combat Log Messages set only to PvP

Is there a way for server owners to set the combat log messages to be isolated only in PvP playfields?

OR much better idea is, can individual factions/players set their own option via CB commands? That would be awesome.


hm good idea.
PVE we included still due to exploiters… but optional sounds good.

I look into it. Should not be to difficult. With A 7.2 we any how get more help to restrict it to real enemys.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hooray! Awesome man hopefully it gets implemented soon! :grinning:

Hi it seems the combat log only for pvp does not disable the notification messages in PVE.

Is this a bug? Thanks!

You have to set the Playfield to PVE/PVP in the playfield list.

Ah, never knew setting playfields to PVE in EAH was manual haha. Thanks!