Combat sistem and POIS completely broken

For example, if you enter to play Alien Asylum… before you finish the POI… you will have your armor and weapon completely broken without any own death.

The “life” of your weapon down too quickly, its insane.

It’s a harder instance/poi which is why it’s recommend for 4 people. Also use epic weapons, they last much longer then standard weps. And take a variety, with the new hws weapon file it’s a different game.


Hello @Enaun

I changed certain things to make it more challenging and should make you prepare and think twice of certain actions.

That sentence or yolo runs like this

should not be possible in a POI marked as 4 players (the POI need a rework too ). THAT is rather what can be called “broken”.

The armor by the way wasn’t touched. You just got hit very often, so your armor breaks very fast.


Before i have finished multiple times solo. My record was 8 min and 43 seconds doing all the rooms. Is better that cannot be done alone now and have a bit of challenge with all that easy loot! :smiley:

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Im not saying that the asylum its hard, and i can understand the armor thing because the several impacts, ok… but weapons life down with use, wherever you are… therefore, if for example i kill randome animals in any planet, my weapon should be broken too soon.

I will change my weapons EVERY DAY!!!

Which weapons do you mean?
Make a list please. Then I can tell you if it’s Vanilla or I changed them.

Epic Assault Rifle mostly

:see_no_evil: indeed it was quite high… but very powerful too…
I reduced the Degredation speed for HWS 8.X.

Thanks Rexxus

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