Combat Testing Facility Feedback

So my friends and I just finished the facility and wanted to give some feedback. Firstly we had a good time so thanks for the content. Our chief complaint was with using colors for the doors. Some of the colors just look way to similar and I imagine someone who is colorblind is just stuck banging their heads against the wall. If you could switch to using symbols I think this would be a HUGE quality of life improvement. Secondly, I think this may of been an oversight but the LCD’s were changeable which if you complete the tower it’s not a big deal in itself but if someone wants to mess with other people they could go in and just change the colors leaving whoever attempts the puzzle at a later time SOL. Thanks again for the content!

I’ll check it out see what can be done :slight_smile:

I finished the Facility, it was an epic experience. I hope there is a way where every individual can experience this, and not just the first to arrive, because everybody should see this. I had great fun doing it.