Coming Soon! - Hops' Scrapyard - Need Scrappers, muscle, Hunters

Hello HWS!!! Specifically HWS NA…

I wanted to put an early communication out there to get the pipeline open before we open our doors!!!

In the works is a new ScrapYard where you can bring your hard earned loot to our premises, and we will tear it down and give you blocks back, less our processing fees (in the form of a % of the blocks – TBD). We will also be selling ships at the gorgeous showroom floor, adjacent to the deconstruction bay. Be sure to check in!! (PS: bring your ammo for your own protection until you get inside our safety perimeter, it’s going to be in PVP!!

In the coming days I will post more details about this exciting new service! I look forward to helping you turn those rusting hulks into profit for you!

What i need from you:

SCRAPPERS - I Need willing, reliable and trustworthy scrappers – traitors who steal the job’s resources will end up with several consecutive bounties and likely make some very nasty enemies (who can obviously kill ships big enough to need help scrapping). This is not a free lunch. We will assign work to you, you will scrap the subject and place ALL blocks into a specific cargo unit. You will then be paid in one of several ways:

  • a cut of the blocks in profit appropriate for the work you put in (based on your scrap performance)
  • an equivalent amount of credits
  • an equivalent amount of other resources (ore, ingots, fuel, AM cores, etc).
  • other negotiated salary.

Employee PERKS:

  • a safe place to scrap
  • Bonuses for great performance
  • a whole lot of resources to build your own ships
  • making some good friends
  • access to sell your own ships at the scrapyard sales lot
  • a discount on ships bought from the Scrapyard sales lot (if mechanics allow)

Who can apply:

  • traders – easy to integrate into the scrapyard faction
  • guardian, freelancer - welcome!! We will not be able to faction, however, and things may be a bit more complicated, but we can use your hands!!

hunters / Pirates - I’m usually getting the ships from you - our primary customers!! We want you out there killing more ships, so respectfully, this job is probably not for you. :slight_smile:

MUSCLE & Hunters – anytime you put valuable things in one place, people want to take those things. From time to time we may need some active guards, and probably more commonly we will need some active hunters to go take retribution, and maybe even get our stuff back! This position is open to any origin that is eligible to KOS (Freelancer, hunter, Guardian,even pirate if you’re honorable).

  • Payment: you would be paid based on a negotiated rate at the time of hire commensurate with the job you are Being hired for. Bigger jobs, bigger pay.

Contractor PERKS:

  • a 10% discount in scrapping fees if you perform 2 or more jobs for us
  • a discount on Sales Lot ship purchases. (If mechanics allow)
  • very good chances at pew pew!

If anyone is interested in filling one of these roles or putting yourself or your faction on the list as a contractor for hire, please PM me, reply here or catch me on discord or in game.

Stay tuned!!! I’m very interested in hearing from you!! If there is some service you’d like to see performed related to scrapping and selling ships, i’m all ears!!!

Happy spacing!

  • Hops

Where would your scrapyard be? And how would you keep the area safe? I only see a problem with the guns firing upon a faction that is not allied to you but wants your business OR your guns don’t open fire on someone attacking you because they abuse the alliance setup.

Otherwise I can see a lot of people looking to pay someone to scrap a large CV that cant be rebuilt!

Easiest way I see is to have a seperate base structure (or 4) with a ring of defensive turrets guarding the scrapyard. Remote build a pad in a room inside the main structure so hop can power them all off or on quickly. Used this method before, its incredibly effective. But he really should be allied with customers, otherwise THEY will fire on HIM.
Will probably indoor bays large enough for cv also, to make sure two faction customers there at same time dont fire on each other.

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McP is right around the bullseye, but not quite dead center. :wink: some surprises.

This would intentionally create some potential conflict and encounters. – this is intended. There could be some risk – this is intended. Getting your ship to the scrapyard will be all on you, and bad guys could be waiting for your exit or entrance… but that’s why we have a post for the muscle. Nothing good comes without some risk. Even women. ;). The hope here is that we do a couple things:

  • do something with all these cores and iron hulks sitting doing nothing
  • return some resources to the gameplay
  • create an environment where people will be encouraged to play outside PVE.
  • give a sort of economy and job mechanism to players who want to work for some good scrap.

We would of course REQUIRE allying to allow customers to come in and out at will and not be shot to more scrap… but hey, that’s free scrap at that point. ;).

The final implementation is yet to be decided – where, etc – but a new faction would be created and request to ally with ALL other factions. We would be a nonDiscriminate service offered to all, so pirates, traders and even freelancers are welcome! (So long as you’re allied).


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I did also consider this. Customer faction ally factor could be a problem. Would need to request that folks disable turretsuoon entry past the leremeter of defense.

Accidents may happen! Will work out a way to make right if it becomes a thing.

Might consider a wall cv, that lands over the entrance to a large gaping maw of a base bay, to secure it from auto fire. If the “door” is open, customers can park ships to be deconstructed there, and you move the door back down to indicate the bay is busy.

I’d imagine that visit to the yard will be arranged, simply ensure they ally before approach and everything should be fine, altho you’ve thought of this already hops :wink:

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Hop…this sounds very cool. Please sign me up as a scrapper!

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You got it Rabid!!! Looking forward to eating steel with ya!!

Vorty - indeed!! And I’m sure everything I’ve already thought of with help of our fearless leaders, well still need to make some tweaks. Lol. People are people after all.

Yeah good chance it will, haha some ppl were just born dicks :slight_smile: lol

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What is your ‘ballpark’ salvage % fee going to be?

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Going rates have ranged from 50-60% on most I’ve done or been offered so far depending on size complexity and content.

I’ll be using a small medium large model.

a large 20k all combat, primarily full block ship takes between 5 and 7 hours of nearly full time scrapping. These would cost 60% - you get 8k blocks back.

A small 5k all combat block, primarily full steel would take an hour or two and would run about 50%, - you get 2.5k blocks back.

Fully white glove service. You drop it off, pick up your blocks.

Employees and contractors (muscle) will get a discount and will receive more blocks back (up to 10% more).

Pricing may change based on volume and supply over time. But considering this is what salvagers are asking and getting today, it’s a good starting point.

Ive got job fees, roles and pay schedules worked out and an all new name: The Universal Salvage Corps!"

I will be making a new post shortly with all this!! ALMOST there! but wanted to give a small teaser of what’s in store for potential contractors/employees of the USC as we get close to opening doors!

Please send me a PM if you would like to get on the official roster!!

Scrappers are at the center of the all the action, earning between 75-95% of the profit with performance kickers and perks! like:

  • Private Discord Channel for USC
  • Donation on your behalf, upgrading your OCD to level 5 and getting Donor perks as a reward for great service
  • “Thank you” bonuses of credit transfers for ‘attaboy’ recognition
  • “Scrapper Of The Week” Bonuses - Name in lights on an LCD at the Yard and a 20k Credit bonus

but The Muscle aka “The Hand of the Yard” (HotY) has a spotlight too, bringing the potential of more bang pow, more loot, and perks in addition to the negotiated contract payment, just for you, such as:

  • After succesfully performing a job for USC, you will get a 5% discount on your next scrap job (one per contract)
  • after performing 10 jobs for USC, get one Free Scrap Job (all blocks returned) as a thank you for your service!
    (one “point” given for each completed contract to one person/faction)

Looking forward to bringing this to you all!!

  • Hops