Compatible Hosting Service

Does anyone know of a Hosting Service that is Compatible with EAH?

To specify your post:

compatible with the full version?
compatible with the lite version?
Hosting Service like shared hoster (Nitrado?)?
Hoster like Server4You?

Depends what you want and need - but it works either way in some ways

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Full Version, and like Server4You.

thanks for the quick replay.

Oh and in the US.

Two situations:

You have RDP access (you can see the Windows-Desktop): Perfect, full version

You have only a webpage to configure your Server and only acces via ftp and telnet: Only lite version will work

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You’re looking for a VPS ( virtual private server) or a dedicated unmanaged server.
Both options will be significantly more expensive than a managed server (where you only get a web GUI, like nitrado)

But you also get the full power of eah.