Complaint. my base was removed

hello. I am a very unhappy player. I found out that my base was removed due to my base was near a deposit.
I did not know this. but instead of waiting the next day when I came on to let me know that this was a rule that I breached and let me get my gear or me remove the base. you decided to remove my base without my knowledge, I find this unacceptable.

My bad that I never knew it was a against the rules. but people like me should be givin a chance to solve that issue before any action should be done.

I exspect some kind of compensation for the loss of my base and my resourses (Which I had alot off).
The time I played the game to get all that could of been spent doing other things, but I decided to spend the day playing your server, knowing the fact it would be wiped on monday anyway. which kinda bothers me but at least I knew.

So my whole day yesturday was just wasted just by a click of a admin.

I understand now that I broke a rule. but never knew I was at the time.

Also why did it take so long before this became issue. because you could of told me sooner yesturday that I was building a base too close to a deposit and it was against your rules.

Hey doctorwho,

thanks for your comment.
Since meteorites need a certain treshold your base blocked the iron deposit which was needed for it and can’t be mined due other player. For a quickfix I removed it.
If you were online or I discovered it earlier I would of course let you know this.
Also your base had no name what is against rule 4.4. We have so many player building such small stuff like yours and leaving that we can’t ask them every time or wait till they coming online… a lot of days later. Who knew when you would come online and every other player couldn’t mine iron and lift of.
Anyways people who care about their stuff coming to this nice forum and writing nice posts, like you. Easy.

Your base and you and your friend got warped to that base. So nothing is lost.

Have fun!


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Thank you. I understand just a little fustrated though… I thank you for warping me and my friend to that base.

We are now started to build again but this time I think we are in the clear of any deposits.

We also have named our base.