Completed blueprints missing after hotfix

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What happened: Some time today during a hotfix, 3 of my completed blueprints disappeared (eg, not spawnable anymore)
Player(s) with issue: Seems serverwide
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 11:
Playfield: N/A
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Any possible way to recover these blueprints or some compensation… I could take three screenshots for mats if needed.

Sadly a “broken” fix caused it. Devs will revert the fix in a few minutes, but not sure the BP will be automatically restored.

Another fix, but blueprints not restored. FYI here are three screenshots of the BPs I lost. Possible compensation please?

I started production of the space station blueprint again, but it takes about 6 hours more to complete, a little bump?

I losted all my blueprints due to reinstall OS :frowning:
Could you please help me to restore it? I played in your server, but now If I try to login, then I see only options of free start :frowning:

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