Concerns regarding pvp

So mostly all pvp planets, except homeworld planet has restriction with only one BA, my concerns is that it will be easily raidable by an party of 2+ since the guns can only focus on a target at a time, this will also be another pvp nerf and force more people to pve since its not possible to defend one lonely base from an big faction, like before were i could have 8+ bases and alot of hv’s to help me out.
even big factions wont be able to live in pvp, since i can just take an chunky sv and raid it easy with only one BA to worry about.
suggestion is to make the class limit for these BA to be class 20, and actually be an challenge for those that dare to come, performance wise it wont be a problem since we all know not much people live on these pvp planets.

What’s the HV limit? Since CV’s don’t have front guns anymore BA + 8-12 HV defence should be rediculasly strong vs hv and sv, I think it would take a big faction still a really long time to take that base down unless it has massive weak points like places HV arty can hit from that’s out of gun range etc.

Hv’s arent even allowed on the planet, only 1 BA, 1 SV, 1 CV class1

What planet exactly now?
After a full wipe I need to adjust hundreds of parameters to fit everything… manual job.
So please give me a list or something I can work on.

There is an adequate ammount of truth to this. And it also needs to be noted that a “chunky” sv will not stand up to BA Missiles for long.

Proper design is key.

However, the limitations of 1 sv/1 hv ( i believe per pilot). …at least on homeworld as another example of limitations, is pretty reasonable.

3 BAs is reasonable too.


Much of a BA s durability went to having the core and fragile systems underground. This is no longer possible. Therefore it may be worth having a look at
Upping the limitations by 1 more BA or perhaps HV.

Either way, even with “chunky” SVs. An undefended ba should fall to attackers. Its really just a metter of how quickly it should fall.

In the case of Thranir though, the restrictions do seem a bit excessive.

One chunky sv can take out two BA’s if noone is online, the pvp system is broken, too easy to kite homing missile into ba turrets behind mountains etc, all pvp planets should have atleast 5+ bases, and especially golden globe have 10+, and all pve have max 1 ba, since on pvp we all know bases come and go.

Just depends on the base and its setup ie turret placement, BA placement, Armor Thickness. There is also PvP planets that rotate so people that cant be active as much during the week may be more active on weekends when switched to pvp. imo I don’t think allowing more or increasing the class on BA is going to change anything except cause more problems.

Simpler solution would be for devs to buff base defence…

Or to forbid SV over 3k blocks…

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That could be something, bet swp will like that alot :wink:

Looking at how their only counter is putting more blocks on the SVs (and they still get shot down anyway), yeah, it would be pretty.

Lol!!! Make a SV max size = 2K blocks!! Yeah! Great idea… But you all die because it

kills everything in it class ))) Even one BA.

P.S. Why i dont see no one word about HV? Oh you like use it in big quantity. But now they dont want to die - mp delay and lags make the deal (agains SV).

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The drama begins :wink:
Sharing is careing AFT ^^