Connect Vote reward isn't stacking past 70K

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What happened: Vote for HWS site. Claim reward. Got 10 rp and 70K credits two days in a row. I think I should be up to 14 as I have that many Connect skill tree points.
Player(s) with issue: darthn8er369
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): N/A
Playfield: N/A
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Dunno
Am I just misunderstanding the system?
I did recently start voting for the EU server also. Did that hem something up maybe?

Date Activity Log
27 19:08 Connect Changed reputation by 10
27 19:08 Connect Changed bank credits by 70000
26 20:53 Connect Changed reputation by 10
26 20:53 Connect Changed bank credits by 70000

I am also just noticing that it is not stacking as explained on Connect for rp or credits.
Connect says it should be 7000x1+7000x2… So on. But it seems to be just doing 7000*# of votes.
10x7000=70000. Shouldnt I have received 334600 credits

Day 10 is right. Day 11 should be 2 RP and 77000k. There is a bug that @RexXxuS hast to fix when he is back.
I gave you the difference that was missing.
Thanks for the info.

I dont think the rewards are working correctly at all

I’ve had the same issues with RP gain and Coin gain, yesterday I got

27 14:19 Connect Changed reputation by 9
27 14:19 Connect Changed bank credits by 63000

I think the confusion is because of the way it is explained in the voting panel, maybe because of the way its worded it isnt clear to alot of people and makes it sound like day 10 you should be getting 385,000 and not 70000.

In general (beside that day skip bug (who which I guess has to to with the time when they click) its correct as intended. Maybe the text is not clear. Then we would have to change that @RexXxuS

Thank you Jascha!

On the description. I went back and re-read it a few times. I think the key I missed was it says “in total” after the example.

@darthn8ers @Toeol

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yeah much better :slight_smile: