Connection to Dedicated Server Lost - 06/01/2017

Admins Ive been getting kicked all day with the following message " Connection to Dedicated Server Los", has anyone else reported this? Been playing on hi server for months with no problems and my internet connection has been fine today?


Please send us your Client logs in a zip.
Did you switch to another branch (Experimental) or so lately or anything else you did inbetween?

Hi Jascha

The only thing Ive done different is run a single player creative game to design a new ship?
Do you have a link showing instructions on how to do the client logs please.


…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs\

Thanks Tiny Drop

Heres my logs.

The only other thing Ive done is access my Steam account to play Empyrion on another PC while
Ive been away with workRockers73_log.ZIP (52.2 KB)

Thanks a lot. We send it further to the devs. Not sure why that might happen.
Is you ping ok?
Mabye do a steam integrity check of empyrion.
we will look int it. The logs showed some errors, so hoepfully devs find something out of it.

Is it when you do certain things in game?

Hi Jascha

Yes my network connection seems fine, it is random, but usually when Im flying which is a pain.
When it happens if Ive just moved materials I tend to lose those items, its happened 3 times today but late last
night I was on for over an hour with no problems?

I will run Integrity check

Thanks a lot for your help, really great server and glad Ive donated

Run integrity check last night and it said all was ok.
Just logged in now to find that my faction has lost its main CV and a SV?
When I look in my HWS connect it lists them as deleted?
Im not aware that weve broke any rules?

Can you give me details. Where and which ships?

Hi Jascha

Online admin is looking into it at he moment
They wee both in Trader starter orbit

CV: 4032073
SV: 5951001

On a positive note Ive had no disconnects today!

Online admin said a server error must of destroyed them. damn had loads of resources stored in the CV :frowning: