Conquer an Alien POI gave no reward upon completion

so i post about this in general when i wasnt sure it was a bug and now i know its a bug
so i finished the mission it showed completed, gave no reward
what can i say … there is nothing to reproduce really cause i did the mining mission after(that took hours)
and upon completing the mining mission it showed as finished and i got the reward

when i completed the Conquer and Alien POI there was no d/c, had enough space in inventory to house the 4 epic sniper rifles and didnt get any error … it completed normally but the rewards were not given
this is the link to general topic Faction Missions should work in getting rewards or not, for Rexxxus mostly
so to reproduce it step by step … the mission went smoothly but upon completion gave no reward, nothing more to it
wish i would have gotten some sort of an error then i could have sent logs but i didnt get any of that

If you haven’t yet, try looking up this issue for the current release on the Eleon forums. While this has the outside chance of being a result of some server specific settings or how the pois are created, the PDA missions are empyrion features, not hws features. Also, for the multi-step missions, you can see if something is not correct if the check box hasn’t been checked after a mission leg (like after you mined xxx promethium) Especially for the mining mission, they’ve made a lot of changes to the core game and may have missed some stuff in regression testing.

Samellas the mining mission went fine … that one had multiple things to do and i got the reward for that
for the POI mission you only have one thing to do … put a core on after you destroyed the poi core and that didnt give me the rewards
I dont know if this has anything to do with the missions but for the mining mission after completion i dont see the rewards i get there where for POI mission i still see the rewards i should get, again i dont know if the rewards should be shown after completing a mission or not … i have to do another faction mission to see if i dont see the rewards for that also but atm i am in no mood to do so

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