Constant back-to-back DC's

Between 1:00 - 1:30pm server time, I experienced multiple back-to-back disconnects. Within a few seconds of logging in, would dc. This happened to me a couple weeks ago, but at different time of day. Ping is a steady 130 - 140.

Is this a known issue server side, or is there anything I can do to reduce the dc’s? Have not experienced this on another server I’ve played on.

Hws: eu

Same with me and my teammates it’s the server. Its not even the population because the other one often has as many players.

edit seems to be mostly on NA

At time, only 37 on server. Have not had problem at other times with 70 plus. Have 75/75 fios. Thanks for replying. Will be trying again in about 2 hrs. Not seeing any patterns yet. Last time it acted up for me was following a server restart on a friday evening. After about 1/2 hr was ok. My 1st 3 deaths were all due to disconnects. Getting paranoid doing anything away from base or flying. With 6.0 changes, disconnecting in space and ejected from ship maybe impossible to recover from.

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