CONSTANT CTD's on primairly donator planet!

I posted this to Eleon as well but I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with our custom planet as they seem to happen near instantaneously while logged in on Esamir. Five or Six of us are getting these constant CTDs while the others remain seemingly unaffected, however, 3 of us share the same computer so that might account for part of it but the other two are on their own computers. I will have the ones having the issue upload their logs as well. They are sending me the logs and I have been adding them to the google drive folder.

Mode: Survival
Location: Dedicated Server

SEED-ID: 666

If applicable:
Reproducibility: Always as in play for long enough and it will CTD
Severity: Major crashing, literally cannot play the game.

Type: Global

Summary: After logging into the game I have anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes before crashing to desktop. It is making the game unplayable. It seems to primarily happen on our custom donator planet so I will contact Rex about this as well.

Logs -
Here are the crash logs -

Edit - Nevermind about some of us being unaffected, none of us are able to play, we are ALL constantly getting crashes to desktop. That is roughly 7 people all getting CTDs when trying to log in on Esamir. @Jascha @RexXxuS @hopskotch @Achilles

Something interesting is that we all crashed at the SAME EXACT time on Esamir.

Something on the playfields are causing the playfiels to crash and/or the clients nearby them. very poorly understood as of now by this team anyhow…

It is the same CTD as on Elemental Capital City on EU at the moment… and lot other places.

We have two candidates:

  1. Legacy SV Cockpits
  2. The new Spotlight SV Slopes

If it is possible - remove all of this and try again please.

We are really helpless here and Eleon needs more time to fix it it seems…

All conjecture - this may be similar, or same freeze crash I have observed around multiple hvs since at least RC2. HVs have legacy cockpit, but no sloped spots. Sloped spots didnt exist at that time and havent had time to update bp’s to add them. Do have lots of lights (16).

Seems to occur more often when HVs powered on and lights on. But will sometimes occur with everything turned off.

Direction character is “looking” matters. Crashes when looking towards HVs, but not when looking away. Have been able to walk backwards towards HV without crashing. As soon as look towards, crash.

First saw this in sp creative. I’ll swap out legacy cockpits and see if bug still occurs in creative.

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This is exactly what is happening in EGS too. You look at the collection of SVs in the sea - you crash. Look up to the sky and you can walk on by.

Tracked it down to a couple suspects. If I gave you the ship IDs and the planet is it possible to move the ships to somewhere else on the planet? Anywhere else on the planet.

Could you move 336018 to some other point on the planet? I’ve narrowed it down to one of 3 things and this is one of them. Also I can’t load into the game anymore, sadly. Can’t do much more testing right now.

@RexXxuS @Jascha @hopskotch @Achilles

I warped you somewhere else on the planet. Please try in again.

I will move your ship now too.

Thank you.

Did some testing, a couple hours worth in fact. Tracked it down to Spotlight Cubes. I thought from what was said it was only spotlight slopes that should be of concern but spotlight cubes cause it to happen every time. Use caution.

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BTW Confirmed fixed. We removed and turned off all spot lights it seems some of them even being turned on was causing issues. We are now crash free

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