Constant Harassment

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> I keep getting harassed

Player(s) with issue:
=> Venomized Saiyan

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> been for a few days now

=> n/a

Structure Name(s):
=> n/a

Structure ID(s):
=> n/a

How can we help you now:
=>I would like TAW and FU to stop accusing me of being this “saul guud” guy please. I cannot play this game peacefully. At first it was the Taw faction poking at me. And now they were spreading lies to everyone on hws that I am this guys alt account. There is too much of this on general chat to go back and screenshot. I have asked them politely to stop but they continue to accuse me. I am not looking to get anyone banned just asking for this non sense to stop. When I got on this server people were telling me TAW and FU are the helpful factions. But they only seem to be really rude to me.

In my opinion, it is not the name that determines a person, but actions. If this post is referred to the fact that I mentioned Saul in a conversation with you today, my comment references the fact that pvp with you is comparable to pvp with Saul. 30% pvp, 70% smacktalk. You started your pvp community relations with nothing but toxicity, so your behavior was met simularly, it has nothing to do with name calling and alt accounts.

no sir I did not come in with toxicity into this server. Yes I may be loud but I was never toxic. And No it was not you at all. if you read the post correctly mister politary. I said it started with TAW. so please refer back to the original post. Thank you very much.
if anyone is being toxic right now it is you Politary. I have done and said nothing to you sir, for you to be attacking me the way you are right now

Can you at least give us a time estimate for this in chat? Easier to go back and have a general look then.

Hello and “welcome” @Venomized

so you followed my advise to think carefully about making a support ticket?!
I advised you to do so because you have begun now to invest a lot of my time.

Because if someone is making a support ticket, is asking others how to do a support ticket and talk ingame about being harrassed, it creates a bunch of chain actions.

The first one, other players are worried and wonder what is going on. Second, I take such things very serious and investigate very carefully as good as I can.

All of that was included in my message “think carefully before you make a support ticket”.

Hands down: @Venomized or @Solid_Snake, you are being a non stop issue for HWS.
You stir the pot up, you force me to spend a lot of time in nonsense, you spread hate not only within HWS but also other (discord) servers about HWS / me or other people.
I know I’m being probably too often too nice but as an ultimate final warning you are temporary banned for 1 week.
What ever is motivating you to behave like that: STOP now!
Rethink you actions. And think carefully about coming back next week or not.


This is your final stance about not knowing “Saul guud” aka @Solid_Snake nor be in any relation towards him.

Proof 1:
Your @Venomized steam account has similar patterns of name conventions like the one from @Solid_Snake

Proof 2:
@Solid_Snake reated an invite link tonight for the HWS Discord server
At the instant time your smurf account joined

Proof 3:
You claim to be new but ask others instantly about the HWS Police
The HWS Police tickets are being removed since months because of issues like this.
Only veterans know about the HWS Police reports.

Proof 4:
You indirectly directly triggered on your “real” name being called out:

Keeping up fake identities will sooner or later reveal the issue automatically

Proof 5:
Within seconds you type with two accounts about one and the same issue and remove it quickly after that, realizing that it is maybe too obvious

Proof 6:
The Access Logs of the Forum can proof easily the connection between @Venomized and @Solid_Snake

There are even more proofs but I stop here for now.
If you going to deny all of this and keep spreading all this disharmony… toxic… drama stuff around, just after being warned on the last big thing it’s a direct strike and out.
Again, I almost consider it as exploiting my kindness and that is an instant out for me.


And i just stopped to look back in chat history…

Thx @RexXxuS :slight_smile:

Alright, so what your saying is im a liar? I can honestly say I am not Saul Guud. Like I have been claiming. But he is my next door neighbor and family member. so all these ties are because we do live close to each other. but again. I am NOT Saul Guud. I am his cousin though. if you would like a voice verification sir I can get Saul Guud online with me.
and the fact that I have different aliases doesn’t prove anything sir. I have seen multiple accounts with different names.

wat!? I got banned for my cousin making a report for people harassing him? the f is goin on with this server? all he was tryin to do is play the damn game? is that not allowed? we share the same internet connection just in case you needed to know Rex! and I deleted those message on discord chat because he told me not to start shit with people. Ill happily take the ban (since im not interested in the game anymore) but he on the other hand was just getting his feet wet. I really likes your server Rex. Im sorry for what I did on hws but venom didn’t deserve that ban. I on the other do.

Not to add to the discusion, but in your main post, you complain in a way that tells me that you have no idea who saul guud is at all. But now you are related and nabours?

he only claimed he didn’t know me so he wouldn’t be mistreated because of what I have done on this server. if that is a sin then please burn me and throw me in the river. LIke I said earlier. ban me if you want. but venom was just getting started. I guess ill let him know to just forget about it. good thing he didn’t pay for that space and planet and ocd5 only to get banned already.


I know that’s right! good thing I never did. I would never have thought your actions on hws would get ME banned. But it is ok kinfolk, I see the terror you put into their souls

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To close this and as @dQgnflua said:
you made sure to actively “deny” the person “saul guud”. Afterwards you can of course come up with cousin and what not but I warned you to “think carefully” about making this drama here.
If you would have thought about it, you would have mentioned right away “alright guys, maybe I’m a cousin and we share the internet, but I can proof that I’m not him”.

That would have been an easy and solid thing to start and end everything.

Anyways, even IF you are the cousin which I don’t have time right now to identify, because I still want to test some things on HWS and my train to vacation goes very soon, you acted the same way on HWS as @Politary said.
Not accepting banter, spread directly toxicity in the room or accuse other of strange things going on.

Overall, I don’t trust all of this.
You @Venomized said “bye HWS” and you can rethink about playing here after 7 days.
7 days because seeing how this turned out I can already foresee that it will get abused that I’m in vacation and drama is happening while I’m away - I can react properly then.

That is all I have to say and we all see if “lessons learned” is done next week.