Constructors consuming resources, but not returning products

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What happened:
=> Two advanced constructors consumed the resources required for large batches of gold bars and combat steel blocks, but did not return the correct number of bars and blocks.

Before logging off I started orders in separate constructors for gold bars and combat steel blocks. I had about 7000 gold ore in the input controller, and ordered several thousand gold bars just so that all of it would be consumed, and in a separate constructor ordered around 11 thousand combat steel blocks, with an excess of iron and sathium to complete the order. I logged back in today, and there were 9 gold bars, and 461 combat blocks in the output, but all the gold ore, and an amount of iron and sathium commensurate to the 11k order were missing from the input controller.

Player(s) with issue:
=> phallucifer

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Constructors were given orders at approximately 8:30am server time

=> The Waiting Room

Structure Name(s):
=> Kefka’s Workshop

Structure ID(s):
=> 5940913

How can we help you now:
=> Looking for any available info into what happened so that it can be avoided in the future. I have started orders and logged off several times this season without losing the products and am not sure what happened here

Just a question, but did you have two separate constructors pulling from and inputting into the same storage box or controller?

This can cause these exact kinds of issues if both of them are running at the same time. The game has issues if more than one entity or device is using a storage at once.

Just like how if you start something in a constructor than then go open the connected storage, the constructor pauses because it can’t input or pull from the box while you are in it. Now imagine 2 constructors fighting back and forth with each other over the same box…

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I did have both constructors pulling from, and inputting into the same devices. There are around 30 other constructors with the same input-output. I have noticed little inconsistencies while they are all working simultaneously, but there has never been such a total or even similar loss of product, while I am online, or offline.

Right after posting I realized that 12 t3 autominers from my faction’s supporter planet had also disappeared, and when i visited where they had once been, I received a message saying they were gone, and had been removed. I think something may have gone wrong with the entire supporter space.

Unsure if this is your issue or not, but, sometimes when a playfield becomes inactive, constructors will consume resources and not give out resources… this issue also happens when building an item and your input box is filled, yet your output box is empty.

Interesting, the playfield did become inactive. Thanks.

Good point.
I’ve heard the Repair Station is also in a bad shape when it comes to server restarts.
I try to trigger it by Eleon.

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