Contructor and all our stuff disappeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Added some blocks to my base and Advanced constructor with all of our stuff in it just disappeared. I queued up some stuff, dropped some blocks on the outside of the base, came back in and it is gone.
Player(s) with issue: @@@ faction, elbowskin, notso_clever
Server: Write here NA
Time (cb:time): Write here ~645pmMST
Playfield: Write here Cryo f1
Structure Name(s): Write here BASE
Structure ID(s): Write here 378903
How can we help you now: Write here advanced constructor containing a great deal of ore and resources is gone. can you reinstate it? approx 4-5k iron 1500 copper 1500cobalt 1k silicon 500 neo 500 sath + odds and ends parts and other resources.

Only thing we can do is restore your base to an earlier time. Let me know what you want to do.

Yeah, if it will return the constructor and contents at that time we’ll take it. what time can you restore it from?

most of the stuff was still on the base earlier in the day. so even if restore has to be before we made the con it will be better than losing all of it.

looks like we are leaving starter. we can cancel this ticket. thanks!

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