CSW and lost Rep pts

Ingame name: Tomcat
Server: NA
Time: before server restart around 9:30 am 7/12/2017 CST

Today around 9:30 am CST I used the CSW and traveled from the NA server to EU server. Listed some Items on the market and warped back to the NA server before the server restart.

I noticed about an hour later when checking my rep that it was back at zero, I have not died in past few days and last checked it yesterday and it was at 3 or 4.

Not really worried about the lost rep, but just want to pass the info along to help stomp on some bugs.

Thanks and as always keep up the great work

hm thanks for menitoning it. Very strange. I see what you say, but I dont understand why you lost the RP on EU. I gave you your RP back.

Thanks for the rep back,

forgot to mention it was my first trip to the EU server, don’t know if that helps or not.

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