CSW Error - Massive gold loss

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What happened:
=> I CSW’d from EU to NA with full inv of gold (in order to free space in EU OCD)
After logging in NA side, I got some sort of error message (one of those that happen all the time) and got disconnected from server. Re-joining the game in NA server I’m able to use chatbot normally (the character is now located here) but the whole inventory and player credits etc were lost. cb:startjobs does nothing

Player(s) with issue:
=> Fallen Angel

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 16:45

=> CSW

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> I took pictures of OCD view & from NA side. I’m definitely not lying or haven’t put anything in NA side to OCD. I’m sure it’s possible to see from logs that the gold simply vanished.
Could you please restore the gold? It’s basically stuck in CSW I guess.

Now it looks like this in EU OCD view.
I did not login back to EU account to make sure nothing changes.

This is the chatbox in NA side also showing that it tried to finish the CSW. This is after the error + crash

Hello @Fallen_Angel
I retriggered the player CSW again.
Login to NA plz and move with jetpack around a bit.
Ship came over?

Oh thank god it worked.
So sorry to spam in couple channels, this was literally the worst possible time for issue like this :confused:

I did not bring ship with me because it didn’t work. I tried several times but the ship simply wasn’t recognized.

Alright then :ok_hand:

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