CSW jump problem

HWS NA to HWS EU cross server warp put me on the EU Federation Cryo planet, I waited 5 to 10 minutes and neither my ship or backpack followed me over. I re-logged into HWS NA, respawned in the cross server warp space with nothing. There were two othe ships there, but nothing of mine? How do I get my ship and backpack back and safely make the jump???

When you CSW’d to EU, did you move your character and then wait? You have to move your character for the server to register you as being online that way it can complete the CSW transfer.

Try logging back into EU and moving your character then wait a up to a few minutes after you get the welcome message.

Jesse, when I CSW’d to EU and arrived at Fed Cryo, I did not move as I was told not to. I will pass on your point. When I returned from EU to NA, my ship and gear spawned in almost immediately minus the Epic armor that I waa wearing. If anything can be done to replace the epic armor, I’d appreciate it. Thanks Howie

Hey, Epic Armor does not transfer. It will stay on the other server though.

Thanks, went back to EU and recovered it.


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