CSW jump went wrong

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What happened:
CSW jumps went wrong
Player(s) with issue:
=> mgaag

=> EU and NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 22:30 EU

CSW jump area
Structure Name(s):
=> CSW jump to NA went wrong

  1. after reconnecting to NA i found myself in an escape pod.
    After the jump i found the escape pod in the cockpit of my CV

I jumped back and forth agian and the pod was in the cargo hold, then it was seperated after another jump

I jumped back one more time as i wanted to get 20 autominer cores from my OCD in EU and when i checked my inventory all was gone excpet the autominers and now the SV is in the cargo hold

lost my epic and all on me, cant move

Structure ID(s):
=> Blue Dart sv and Stardust Trader CV

How can we help you now:
=> help me out of csw and restore my inventory plus the autominers

partly resolved as i could retrieve the sv from my CV and could finally leave CSW

inventory is still lost,
did not get the RP for epic + penta

on NA now and lost access to OCD as i am not in zone? I am in Market Place


I restored your backpack. With CSW you need to give it enough time. If you jump to early back (before csw is really completed) you will loose stuff.

Thank you , i will remember that

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