CSW lost SV

We were using CSW from EU to NA, lost my SV that was docked, checked the structure commander and it was warped, and listed as deleted, never shown up on NA though. The ID is 5298704 if you would be kind to restore it.


hm when did you warp? The sled is gone on EU since yesterday morning.
Please always give us a time so that we can find it faster.

Also: Why where you so far away from the warp point. Did you warp intentionally with Colin,… or was it by accident.
Your SV never warped… looks more like the Game ate it. Was it attached to a CV?

I added it to EU Cross Server Warp. You can pick it up there.

The sled and the other 3 SVs docked to it warped no problem, and I was in the sled with it docked when we used CSW. I think there may be a bug that doesn’t render at times other SVs that are attached to players, if they dock their SV in the same location and then CSW…

Pretty sure that’s what happened here, mine was docked on the right sled and Colin was able to park his in nearly the exact same spot.

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