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Scenario: I warp from HWS NA to EU. My ship gets destroyed, I got nothing, I die. Will I get the option to re-spawn back at my base on NA or am I stuck there till I grind and re group?

Is this fantasy or actual happened?

Weird cause CSW is PvE… ?

It’s just a “what if” because I am gonna try CSW for the first time. I know it’s pve but I’'ll probably venture to a pvp system when I get there.

If you are unable to get back to CSW NA because you got stranded, log out of EU server, login to NA server. BEFORE you go to EU start a blueprint for a simple CV sled, and use OCD to pull out Pentax and fuel.

Easily done.

AFAIK: If your ship is destroyed on the other server it’s lost. You would then need to build a new ship to get to the CSW system again. You cannot respawn on NA when you die on EU and vice versa. You would have to move to the CSW again in order to go back.

As Taco wrote:

This would be a save way to do it. If you don’t want to take your ship with you you can also warp to the other server without it, using:


…as you can read on the Commands page.

Thanks. Just what I needed. And I did not know you can go shipless. Can you just leave a good CV on both servers and just go back and forth shipless?

There is a despawn timer if you leave it there and its probably taxed ? better to keep a ship in blue prints ready to spawn not sure how you’l get power cells thou

you just pull prometheum and pentax from OAM and refine it in the constructor, same as if you went back to starter …

Even easier than starter, you can access OCD at CSW.

Have you had a bump on the head Kogami :stuck_out_tongue:

If you spawn a ship from f2 that ship will spawn without power, you can’t use a constructor on a ship that has no power to make power :face_with_raised_eyebrow: they can’t get their ship blown up in csw so chances are they will be in pvp space when they become stranded. :stuck_out_tongue: So they cant home base since its on another server maybe fresh start I guess would be the only way but then you will be on the wrong servers starter planet but it should still be fine.

Spawn ship and pull fuel from OCD.

Who doesn’t have spare fuel in OCD?

Access ocd from pvp space? You wont die in pve so you wont be stuck in pve lol only stuck in pvp xD, dont understand why you guys are strugling with the dying in pvp space concept xD, but meh answer is fresh start tarkus as a last resort.

The scenario was logging in on the “wrong” server, and being stranded in CSW with no ship. That’s PVE.

Was answering this which is from the thread starter, but yes if its in csw then its easy to get out.

build a really small base with medic station and a cargobox at the server you are visiting in a pve playfield. Set it as homebase… Voila… Die in pvp, escape to pve, spawn your cv and download some penta/fuel and you are going home safe and happy.

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Good point, you technically could have 2 home base’s didn’t think of that.

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