CSW strikes again

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> another ship disappeared in the Twilight Zone of HWS (CSW)…
considering that my small CV wasn’t transported from EU to NA with the rest (but was left in Connect for few more) minutes i thought i will pick him up on my way back…at that time (20-30 minutes later) he was gone, deleted from Connect completely…
after all the problems lately i am starting to believe that making CSW jumps with 3-4 ships is not such a good idea :smile:
Player(s) with issue:
=> marko0280

=> EU to NA

Time (cb:time):
=> i have departed from EU around 08:05-08:15h


Structure Name(s):
=> SMX Mining CV T2 Shield

Structure ID(s):
=> don’t know

How can we help you now:
=> search the infinity of the HWS Servers died IDs and try to find the lost one…
(and perhaps bring him back among the living)…


I restored it in CSW Orbit EU. Sorry for that.
Not sure what causes the issue. The game just gives us an error.
But I will take a look at it

Thx and sorry for the trouble, perhaps Server doesn’t like CV to CV docked warp…i will try to travel lightly in future :slight_smile:
just one more question regarding normal warp, my SVs are very often moved up to 4-8 cv blocks back way, mostly partially in walls of CV, don’t know if that is just my problem (or my CV) or someone else had same problems?

After a CSW?
CSW will undock all structures, so they could move a bit. but not sure it would be that much.

sorry, i am sick and bit tired from lack of sleep so my thinking and writing are not going side by side…i was talking about normal warp between normal playfields, then it happens…SVs stay docked, but as said, moved backwards several blocks, mostly 1-4, once around 8 blocks…they are docked inside of a hangar, didn’t try if it happens when docked outside, must check later…

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