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Welcome to the HWS PvP Community guide!
This subsection of the forum is designed to give newer PVE players a chance in PvP.

This post is designed for discussion and serves as the “hub” on the guide, if you would like to ask a question for one of our Curators to answer, please follow the link below:


To see changes to PvP by patches, head over to our patch-log thread

PvP Patch-log

If you want to jump right in, select a “XX Design” post from the list below (It’s suggested that you start with SV guide)!

SV Design
HV Design
CV Design

For HWS specific guides, select from the list below!

HWS PvP Tactics & Layout
Garage Ships in PvP

About our Curators


Hi, I’m Zackey_TNT. My PvP Experience dates back to season 6.0, in which I created my first combat HV for use in the defense of GG. Since then, I’ve been all over the design world and I am considered to be one of the main designers for my faction “The Art of Warfare”

I have experience in all areas of the game, from PvE to PvP, if you have a question for any aspect of the game, you can reach me on the HWS discord or leave a comment on our PvP Q&A Thread!


TheState, otherwise known as the leader of TAW, is a combat veteran from season 5.x-6.0. He has seen countless battles throughout TAW’s history on HWS NA & EU, and specializes in Garage Ship Design & Combat.



Become a Curator!

Would you like to become a Curator? If you meet the requirements below, send Zackey_TNT a message through the forums with a brief description of yourself and what areas of the guide you would like to contribute to!
-Be a member of the community in good standing.
-Be experienced in the PvP aspect of the game.
-Be willing to follow a certain template for guide posts.

Curator ship review!

If you would like assistance in optimizing your ship for PvP, send one of our curators a request, and they might be able to help you! Attach a screenshot of your statistics panel and a screenshot of your ship, and, if you’d like, a .epb so that the curator can look at your ship.

We will then send you some feedback on what you might be able to improve.
We can also tell you if it is currently PvP worthy.
Always remember curators are busy players too! We might not reply for a few hours or days.

Sidenote: Please remember that sending any player an .epb means you are giving them access to your blueprints, always send them to trusted community members or people you know!


Reserved for future use.

Just a reminder that you can actually post on this topic. It’s used for feedback on the guide and discussion on meta mechanics.


The PvP Guide is receiving an overhaul!

That’s right, in the next coming days you’ll find posts being edited & completely overhauled. But that’s not all! Curators of the guide will be collecting ingame information… That means you have a chance to shoot at them! Watch out for myself and many others sneaking around testing things live on the NA server!

Some things we’ll be doing:
CV Armor testing!
SV Lagshot testing!
Everything to do with BAs!
Catch us in homeworld, black hole, and others! We’ll probably announce a test in the chat to encourage subjects willing participants to join!

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Hello everyone!
A little update for all of you eager pilots out there!

Due to Eloen’s changes in patch 10.6, this guide will need an entire overhaul once again to remain updated. So it has been decided to cancel any updates until the new thrust and CPU mechanics make themselves clear.

This also coincides with the continued balance changes HWS is making. (and will no doubt make for patch 10.6’s mechanic overhaul too.)

Once patch 10.6 comes out, I will be livestreaming a launch-day investigation of PvP in the new meta. If you’d like to come along and see some of the work we curators do in the background, stay tuned for twitch links on the day!