Curious about Wipe function

Hi there!

First of all, you guys did a realy good job with the EAH-Tool. And an even bigger thanks for sharing the Tool with anybody FOR FREE!! <3 <3 <3

I’ve a short question about the wipe function - i fear its not even related to the EAH Tool, i might just be to dumb to understand the process itself. So here’s the question:

I tried to tried to change a biome from an already existing Planet. I stopped the Server and did a wipe by clicking the Playfields button in the flyout-menu, rightclicking on the planet in the generated list, selected Wipe and hit ok, closing the EAH Tool.
Aftter the Server restart, the planet seemed to be wiped (the biome was changed as required) but if you hover above that planet in orbit, it still looked like the previous biome. When you entered that planet, the Minimap still had the Texture of the previous biome (not matching the actual planet anymore).
We managed to solve the problem by deleting the savegame itself in the Games folder, but as excpected, everything was deleted then (vessels, structures, player lvls etc…). Which is ok, because we’re a fresh server anyways.

The Question now is (sry for the long intro…^^):
Is there any way, you can change the biome of a planet, without basically deleting everything? (the savegame i mean). I mean, the biome did change, but the planet looked like the previous biome from orbital view and the actual minimap when flying on the planet had the look from the previous biome aswell.

Thanks in advance and… as already mentioned, thanks for the great Tool itself :slight_smile:


glad you like it - motivates us to continue the hard work…

So your problem isn’t really tool specific but more the problem that textures not matching the biome you created?

In that case the solution is easy but maybe not satisfying:
You have to clear the Cache Texture folder. Each client seems the biome differently and to ensure that they see the right new biome they have to clear the Cache for your server / that biome and then restart the server.

So there are two main pitfalls:

  1. never ever delete the blueprint cache. Otherwise the ready to spawn blueprints are gone (they are stored there)
  2. each client has to do it

Or well to full wipe / playfield wipe what is not what you want.



Hi again,
thanks for the answer and sorry for the kinda late reply :S

So what i understand is, that the mentioned problem with the missmatching textures is client sided… I didn’t know that, thanks :smiley:

The cache texture folder would be this one?
…\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Cache\Savegame_Name\Playfields

and all clients just have to delete the “buggy” ´playfield folder? That… would have been much easier than doing a full wipe xD

anyways, thanks ALOT for your help! Keep up the great work :slight_smile: