Custom Garage Ship

Is it possible to donate for a custom garage ship or just pay for one with credits?

I know other servers took my HWS Garage idea and formed donation packages out of it.
The beauty of pay 2 win - this is not available on HWS!


You can design the garage ships like one of our alliance member “Hammer” does for the server and if ship passes inspection for the HWS Garage, you get the ship for free one time.

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I’m not looking for pay 2 win. Just really like a design I have and think it would be cool if it had alien blocks.

Ah, then Ryan answered you already nicely.
See here more details for submission

Okay. I’ll work on it and send it your way. One question, how do you feel about detached pieces? Like floating blocks?

They are forbidden by our rules

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Okay great. Thank you.

@RexXxuS If the Maur has been fix please let me know I still have the one I got on day you setup the garage and would like to get one that has a working repair bay. As the error was on server side and not on mine I would like to have it replace with the one setup for this season. We talked about this with you before you left to go on vacation.

Please send me a PM with the ship ID details.