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Hello HWS…

I am curious although I very much do like and enjoyed the quest on Triton… Where did the cool POIs go.? The custom POIs… I am just about ready to enter the PVP realm… But I also enjoy very much the custom POIs before the wipe. The planet count seems very limited, And PVE seems very very limited… HWS is by far the best server available with the custom interfaces, HWS connect… Very cool options! I would really love to see more options for PVE, This server falls short of exploration, Planets… POIs… I am not dissing this server at all! I am just wondering what happened to the custom POIs and hoping for future additions for planets & PVE…


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I also miss the old Triton POIs, they would fit in nicely on Armageddon. There are many cool new ones though (Protoz is definitely worth a visit). The new ice caves are also nice as are some of the new space POIs like the one with the imprisoned pol trader.

Perhaps Rex would find it useful for people to rank their favourite POIs in a poll of some kind to help inform future iterations of the server?

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In comparison to all old HWS seasons together we have about 100 new POIs.
So I am a bit irritated.
We have also almost double as much PvE playfields now and less PvP than ever before.

So the feedback would help more, if you could mention exactly what POIs you are missing and how exploration would be for you even better?

Because yes, because time was missing, some old Triton POIs, the Majestic Temple, The Jumper POI and few others are missing in this season and coming back in the next one.

It would help for sure if you guys would reply here and let me know which one you like and are missing or should be changed in any way.
HWS has over 200 POIs by now.

Hi Rex,

I wouldn’t be too discouraged mate. People tend to naturally stick to patterns and Triton was the pve norm for many players last term. Space obviously has a lot more happening than last season, but didn’t last season so I suspect people are not exploring the far reaches much. There are new pois in pvp but not everyone is going there. I suspect we are talking here about the two temples on Triton and the big pois (can’t remember the name) which had three buildings surrounded by turrets.

There is also the question of what is considered a good poi as to some it means an interesting or difficult poi, to others it means a poi with good loot and, this season, to some it means a poi where you can get Xeno. For some it is some combination of the three. I’ve not been everywhere this season and its fun to have to look for things. One the other hand, Armageddon as the pve/pvp rotation playfield needs some more exciting pois.

There may also be some pois btw which have not actually appeared. There are a few space pois on NA that appear as map markers but do not actually exist (not checked EU). Can’t remember them off hand. Optronics factory is one.

The drones now seem to be working well though with patrol ships etc. now moving about the map which is also good as its nice to hunt them down.

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I hope I am replying to the correct thread. Once again in no way at all am I heckling the server or its creator. Not at all… When I joined last season I was very much impressed, refreshed to see some custom POIs. The planet i speak of was Triton. I cannot exactly remember the exact names of the POIs, I believe I remember an Aln Fortress… There were several different Pyramids. An Aln Clone facility. There was one there my favorite all red, Kind of shaped like a castle. These facilities were highly fortified. I remember these because I made residence on this planet…

I also remember Gold, Est, Zas ore available in the asteroid field in Triton orbit… These POIs were no where else to be found on any servers. Very cool, ver unique and deadly stuff for the PVE players… Triton was a very challenging planet with very unique POIs and challenging planet conditions. I believed it to be the best Planet on the server. I dig the Phoenix mission! But the last version of Triton was epic!

I have also seen Aln Pyramids, Palaces and others on other servers. There are some very cool things going on here at HWS… Not complaining here at all. I was just posting to see what happened to them…

I am looking though my old phone… I would be willing to believe I have pictures of these POIs.


All good mate.

I recommend to check out the Egg planet next week to find your beloved POIs again :wink:


That is exceptionally cool for you to take the time to do this sir! I am already thinking in my head ok… Scrambled egg, over over easy? A few things come to mind… The terrain is indestructible, Planet does not allow and SV, or HV over Tier 1. This is a cool spot to make that happen for sure… Whether or not they will be doable with out HV support is the question. Tier 1 vehicles do not have shields lol… Interesting to say the least, And I am very interested in seeing your over all strategy for the Egg and what will become of our harsh unforgiving little indestructible planet… Or add another planet entirely call “Death” haha…

I have some questions about player planets I will contact you later on… Again very cool for you to take the time to do this…


Lets bring back Darkworld!

24/7 total darkness and heavy fog like Jupo! : )


thanks for the recommendation. i appreciate it. i’m new so i’m a complete “soups guy” when it comes to this. there’s still a lot for me to learn.


I am new too, if you are bored at some point we should Empyrion together!