CV and 2 SVs deleted need help

Everything I have has been deleted. I log on at least every two days and migrate with the PvE planets for logout. I logged in today to move my ship and found everything deleted. I lived out of my CV and kept everything I had there. Not aware of any rules broken or anything and I wasn’t inactive so help would be greatly appreciated. CV ID is 8435001 SV ID’s are 8435002 and 7925441

after searching the forums more, my CV may have a couple more devices than 300, in which case they could be removed easily if ships could be returned

Were they parked in Jagal orbit at time of deletion? Because that playfield reached critical mass a few days ago, and had to be wiped. Posts were made, and there was actually a good deal of drama over it. It is unfortunate, and definitely the exception rather than the rule, but unfortunately the max core count was reached and there was nothing else that could be done to recover the playfield
Atleast from what I read.

Ah, yes they were in Jagal Orbit. Thnx for letting me know. Guess that’s what I get for not checking the forums often enough.