CV and SV gone on wipe

Username: Comanche Brave
Server: NA
Ship name(s): CV- The 5ET Lady Luck WIP, SV- The 5ET Diamondback.

I read wipes wrong and thought that Orbit was only wiped on friday. Could you pretty please warp the above ships and myself (as I was in orbit with the cap ship when I logged) to Peacekeeper 1 next to the 5ET Junkrat? I know the station is gone and I’m not asking for that as that was my failure to read, but having just blown my donator build on that sv and most of my resources on that cap I would really REALLY appreciate any assistance.

HWS PvE Start does not wipe on monday. I’m showing your ships are still there.

Ok I’m sorry, that was the message on my other ticket for the junkrat. Thank you sorry for the inconvenience

You can see exact wipe schedule with cb:wipe

No biggy.

Sorry my bad :slight_smile: I thought it was wiped also on Mondays and I did not see them… I guess tool was refreshing :wink: