CV and SV taken on Xion

Me and my group were on Xion with 1 CV 2 SVs and 1 HV. I believe that our CV was considered class 1 and therefore legal there. For some reason it was seized regardless, and we and all our ships were locked inside the indoor hangar. Then we got warned about the SVs and I tried getting it out of the CV but the commands were not working. Soon after, one of the SVs was seized and we are left with the SV and HV that we cannot get out. All our resources are on our CV. Please give it back to us.

We are in NA server, and this all happened in the last hour or so. The ships controlled are named “The Phantom” and “Trying to find colin”. We warped from Nox nebula to Xion space.

Posting what we tried from Discord:

Sukiyo - Today at 8:47 PM
yo our cv on xion got seized but I don’t know why
Obsey - Today at 8:50 PM
You’ll need to post on the support forums. No Admin is on ATM on Discord.

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What size was the CV?
Sukiyo - Today at 8:50 PM
class 1 I believe
yous a hoe - Today at 8:51 PM
our sv is about to be sized bacause we cant get out of the cv
Obsey - Today at 8:53 PM
You are allowed 1 faction CV on Xion class 1.(edited)
That’s pretty small. Was it a workshop ship?
Sukiyo - Today at 8:54 PM
I don’t have a blueprint for it either
Obsey - Today at 8:57 PM
The Go to the top of the CV. Type CB:GETSHIPHERE:
hit tab registry and find your SV id.
is on the bottom left of the stastics tab
That should pop it out
Sukiyo - Today at 8:59 PM
okay hold on
Sukiyo - Today at 9:01 PM
it is too big to get on top
Obsey - Today at 9:02 PM
try from the side just outside of hanger
Sukiyo - Today at 9:03 PM
cb:getshiphere:6402102 is right yes?
TatsumakiBOT - Today at 9:03 PM
:up: | Sukiyo leveled up!

Obsey - Today at 9:07 PM
Yeah looks it
Sukiyo - Today at 9:07 PM
I tried multiple times
Obsey - Today at 9:08 PM
two others
Sukiyo - Today at 9:08 PM
ye I tried em
Obsey - Today at 9:09 PM
and thats the SV’s ID right?
Sukiyo - Today at 9:09 PM
oh woop
server took our other sv now
Obsey - Today at 9:10 PM
hit .
where there red warnings?
Sukiyo - Today at 9:11 PM
but we couldn’t move the cv
there was no way to listen to them
Obsey - Today at 9:11 PM
/sigh but could you move the other SV lol
Hit F12. That will screen shot the infomation
Make note of the ship Id’s.
You will need to open a support case on forum. If you lucky they my be forgfiving on the SV. They will tell you how much the CV will cost to get out of hock
It’s shouldn’t be too bad.
Sukiyo - Today at 9:13 PM
okay thank you
Obsey - Today at 9:14 PM
sorry typing in the dak(edited)
Yeah those warning got me the first time too. I lost an entire base to it
Sukiyo - Today at 9:15 PM
I think it was glitched
Obsey - Today at 9:16 PM
They will be able to look at logs, give as much info as you can.
Sukiyo - Today at 9:16 PM
Cause we were in peacekeeper west with too many ships then we left to a different area and it was still warning us for too many ships in peacekeeper west

@ Faction PMC: You are only supposed to have 1 SVs on Xion. Please remove all other 1 SV, or they will be taken after 2 more Warnings!
@ Faction PMC: You are only supposed to have a Class 1 CV on Xion. Please lower your Class by 1: The Phantom (5733224), Class: 2, or they will be taken after 1 more Warnings!

These are the messages you got for over 45 minutes before the system took them.

As you see your CV seems to be class 2 and you had 2 SV’s (one is still yours.)

Now is the question how we do it… to do it you have to be online at that time, since you only have another 45 minutes before they get seized again.

I will change the faction now, but as soon as someone from your faction gets online he should move those ships.
If you fail, let us know again.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but the other members of my group are sleeping, and I cannot get to my computer at the moment. If I reply here tomorrow can you do it then.

Also, how is class determined? I checked not to long ago and it was only class 1.

dont worry. Just let them move the ships as soon as they get on.
If it does not work then we will do it again.

Hi Soukio,
You can see your classby hitting P and going to statistics tab.

Alright I am on and ready to move.

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