CV battle ground / stress test playfield

Wondering if we should have an empty space playfield next season. Dedicated purely to CV combat.
However with some obvious differences that set it apart from other pvp areas.
It could have a max players limit of say 10 to start with, to be increased if performance is adequate at any given patch.
With a maximum of 5 players allowed from any given faction alliance.
We could use it also for numbers stress testing for cv pvp.

Could be cool on this particular playfield, to know how many players are in it before entering it, so you will know if there is room for you and some faction members to join in a fight.
eg command cb:fod would tell anyone how many players are in the “fight or die” playfield.
The command could even reveal the names of factions on the playfield and their numbers, which is acceptable for the idea the playfield respresents.

The playfield purpose would literally be fight or die (or run), with maybe even planned 5v5 duels, between factions, there is no other reason to go there except to fight.
A place where nobody but a fighter wanting a fight will go.

Planets: 0
Resource: 0
Spawning allowed: none
access allowed: cv only
max players:10 or whatever the system can cope with safely at the time.
Location: accessible from ecc and hw, but not in between as a through route.

Probably a long shot, maybe not a worthy idea, had to suggest something for us to help improve or add to some of our CV pvp fun. And this one seemed simple enough. There is an opportunity for planned faction engagements here that will not get too overcrowded causing lag.
The numbers can be adjusted down to 8 or 6 if the pvp is really that bad, but even those numbers make a good fight.

This is an idea structured purely for pvp players.
There is no consideration to pve here, they can avoid this playfield and have no reason to be there.


I am also getting ready to put together and present a faction war management system concept to eleon, regarding an actual interface and ability to create and manage an actual war between factions for faction leaders, with a list of scheduled engagement types and objectives that may ultimately result in auto server spawned instances for official faction war engagements to take place. Where then the winners of the war ultimately will have some worthy in game reward and the losers may be forced to suffer in some other way as do all who lose a war :wink:

My suggestion will also include the player/faction limit suggestions I have included in this post as a default bassline but also to give the planning factions the choice of how many players are allowed in an engagement. Allowing faction masters to manage lag and numbers better.

Thoughts please ! :slight_smile:


yes an empty play field could possibly help with determining combat issues quite a bit. figuring out lag problems should be much easier with less variables in the equation. im all for it!

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Put it out for a vote.

I like the idea

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Yeah i like it, we can do space for cv’s and sv’s, and a planet for sv’s and hv’s.