CV crashes game anyone gets in captain's chair, then warps away to 0/71/0

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What happened:
=> Whenever I enter the cockpit (command chair) of my new CV, the screen flashes over to a view of the sky for a moment, then my game crashes. When I return, the ship is at 0/71/0 (not where I spawned it in). I went there, brought it down and tried again… Again, I crash and the ship goes back up in the air to those coordinates. It is a new class 7 CV I had just spawned in last night, and it is unusable at this point. I tried replacing the captain’s chair, but don’t really understand the bug or what might be wrong with that CV. All other ships work fine.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Lipius

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> July 4, 15:45

=> Carnotho Moon 1

Structure Name(s):
=> A12 Titus Carrier

Structure ID(s):
=> 2925278

How can we help you now:
=> I’m not sure what the fix is for this, but I’m hoping this issue can somehow be removed from this ship so I can fly it. It was expensive!

Hmmm… this was interesting.
Any idea @Jascha? What can cause this


I just tested it and it works like a charm. Maybe the server restart fixed it.
Can you try again please and let us know if it works.

The ship is working properly now. Thanks!

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