CV disappeared after server restart

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Re-logged after server restart and a cv I was working on disappeared
Big Red
11pm restart
Homeworld space
8-Wack a Mole
ID: 11773609
I had been doing some repair work to the cv “repainting” l logged off for the server backup/restart
When I logged back on the cv was gone. I see the cv is also now not showing in my structural command.
Can I have it returned please?

I now see I am also missing c1-Bobcat shuttle ID: 5838450
Also from homeworld space
was active before the restart.

We’re on it …

Thanks Dee

Hey BigRed,

from our part we can only follow the road @Jascha gave us :slight_smile:

So either it’s right or complain to him tomorrow :slight_smile:

But to recap:
5.01.2018 21:53:37.756 I Structure 8-Wack a mole(11773609) was still piloted by Big Red (client ID 104), so he got detached.

Even though you tried to trick around flying with a HWS ship you seem to found a workaround it?

Because looking at my announcement from before it would make sense that it got deleted right after your trick:


But somehow only after the restart at 23:14…
That your Bobcat SV is gone is a docked-side-effect I guess.

So maybe @Jascha can clear it up tomorrow. We can only work by the logs and some head scratches for now.

Thanks for your time DEE yep looks like it’s one for Jascha.
The cv was on gg yesterday and took damage and jumped to class 2 so I put it on a repair pad but when I switched it off to repair the cv switched to HWS and kicked me from the seat it was next to some base guns which made a mess off it and cored it so I switched the guns off and replaced the core. This was over 24h ago since then I have been rebuilding it by hand then it disappeared after the re-log.

The sv was only docked when the cv was taken to planet and was flown to homeworld by another player and was not docket to the cv “it was parked on a base.

Sounds right.
You kept it quite long even though being warned 8 times…
The deletion seemes to be game related though, the tool did not delete it. Maybe changing faction on repairpad caused it.
Cost to restore it would be 800,000.

But its borderline… On the one hand… the damage that raises the class which is a bad game “feature”, the delete bug so you could not buy it back… but on the other hand your got 8 times warned.
But…this time we close one eye…

just let us know where to put it.

I think you should also win a prize for having a full set of HWS Admin icons next to your post title in “support” :metal::laughing::metal:

Thanks Jascha, if it the cv and sv could be placed in the ECC space I will head over and collect them. I can see the game mechanics that increases the class size when taking damage is still a major headache for all of us to the point I have been building my pvp craft at around 1.47 to allow for some increase in triangle count when in combat . I suppose I should now be looking at building at more like 1.10 for pvp leaving 1.4+ for pve items.

I see you have already returned them Tanks again :star_struck:

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