CV ghosted and inaccessible

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Player(s) with issue: Warped from Zirax to Homeworld Space with a SV and HV docked on my CV

Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Sunday 19 November 2017, approx. 18:50
Playfield: between Zirax and Homeworld Space
Structure Name(s): ACP Carrier 13
Structure ID(s): 8479983
How can we help you now: My CV is completely invisible and I cannot access the control panel. I have attempted the getshiphere command
several times, but the SV and HV are the only things that “move.” I was able to undock my SV and HV and move them to another
faction members CV. However, my CV is iinaccessible. I was previously in GG when another SV was destroyed by friendly fire
because it was marked from Faction to private. That SV was destroyed while it was on my CV. We multi-tooled he SV off mt CV so I could
takeoff. However it appears to be causing other problems. I am more interested in the cargo on the Cv than the CV itself.

Anything you can do would be helpful.

Thank you.