CV in different playfield and docked vessels "frozen" (EU)

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What happened?
=> I logged off last night in Xardale sector (EU PVE) After warping in and flying to my park location. When I logged in tonight noticed:

The CV was missing - but the 3 docked vessels were still in the location they were at log off.

the 3 vessels (2 SV’s and HV) will power on/off etc but will not move! :grinning: they are stuck in space.
The CV appears to now be in the playfield that I warped last from. Structure commander below

Player(s) with issue? (SacredGlade)

How can we help you now?
=> I am going to try, spawning a warpsled to see if I can collect my CV. And then I may disaseble the 2 SV’S and one HV. So hopfully I will be able to resolve myself - if not I have logged the incident, and will ask assistance…


My self recue plan has sort of worked. I got my CV back. But when I returned to the Xardale sector the 2 SV’s and HV’s are showing in different new locations - but are not there when you travel to them - see the SV below. I’ll delete them in structure commander if the do not return on my next log in. If not Ill come back for help…

Hey, ok let us know. worst case we have to respawn them.

i don’t know if same is happening to you, but i had the almost same problem yesterday…after warping back to playfield where my SVs stayed behind, they also got moved…constantly…they war docked to my CV around 3.5km in front of it, so when i moved, they war moved to…i had to use another SV to get to their position and undock them, afterwards i was able to collect and use them normally.

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Hey Marko, thanks for sharing your identical experience of this bug and your solution. I tried approaching with a CV warp sled and was able to undock and reclaim the vessels. :+1:

This also solved a new issue tonight, where the original CV refused to turn - its pitch and Yaw were reduced to 1m/s, undocking the distant HV and SV’s also restored the the CV’s normal pitch/Yaw rates.

Case closed!

Yes, had same issue, the game thinks you have a 3-4km long ship with thrusters to far away from the axis so no turning :smiley:

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