CV is faction HWS

Just logged on after a couple of days off and see that my CV is faction HWS. I can’t change the core out. What do I do? Thanks

I think my ship got the same problem, i cant even leave it. My in game name anthonner
name of the ship death star 1

Hws Na

Guys please read the rules. The HWS faction comes into play if you don’t care about rule 4. We can’t go and set it back again all the time. Rules are on the website and in game by pressing F1. (PDA) .

i care about the rules i just dont know them but i dont think i was breaking them maybe someone in my faction that dont know them also now i lost a cv that i have been builded for the last week…

im im stuck inside my own CV… i dont even know what happen with mine, i think someone builded a too big CV on pve planet and now the took a random CV and im a new player that have been stoled by the game…

Just read the rules, I get it. Too many devices on my CV. If you allow me access to the ship “Tupac” I’ll fix the device issue.

There is a death star 1 ingame but no Heiro. So rule 3.3 is another rule you don’t care. We don’t setup these rules because we were bored. If I don’t know who you are in game I can’t help you.

. [quote=“Jblaine25, post:6, topic:1143”]
Just read the rules

Good but checking afterwards still bad. Breaking rule 1 or 2.2 for example isn’t so easy to say I didn’t know.

Just to make it clear: I’m giving likely second chances even for nasty dupers but as I see it getting abused too much I block it furthermore.

i writed my ingame name in my first reply : anthonner will try to change the forum name, my ingame name just not the one i wanted

Gotcha, no more duping. Intentional or unintentional.

first time i see some support like that honestly in my entire life of gaming !! i think i will just rage quit this game

Resolved two cases and changed faction back this time.

As soon as you logged in you get 5 red big warnings every 15 minutes. I don’t know for me it is like you don’t care with intention.

Yeah sure. Don’t read rules and blaming admins that they enforcing them but still willing to help.
If you blaming my support attitude then go for it. Really disappointing

Look, I get stoned nightly, zone out and farm on this game. I don’t read the warnings honestly because I see about 1,000 per hour across my chat box. Personally, you’ve been extremely helpful towards me both encounters I’ve had with you. I’ll make a personal effort to fit my gaming style within your guidelines.

Yep the bad chat integration is indeed a problem but all we have in combination with the PDA and website.

It is normally ok but I got a bit burned out lately and everyone expect to be be easy peasy by thinking who cares what he does, rules wrote, support gave and talking in general.

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Contradiction in the same sentence, someone please call Guiness book of records!

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Anthonner was raging in ingame chat for 2 hours about this. He was very rude. He was in a faction that broke the rules and they got punished. It is as simple as that. Here’s an idea: Don’t break the rules. Here’s another idea: Create blueprints of your designs so that you can recreate them quickly if they are lost. I am afraid that Anthonner may be missing some basic intelligence, especially given his 2 hours of bitching in global chat last night.