CV Limit management

Hey all, some simple questions on the CV Limit of the “Peacekeeper 1” zone.

  1. If there is a limit of 1 CV and i’m in the faction [XYZ], can the FACTION have 1 CV there and all the members have 1 PRIVATE CV there? (that means 1 Private CV for each member + 1 shared CV)

  2. Can you leave 2 CV in the playfield for “some hours” (to put the CV safe from a wipe, for example) even if the limit is 1?

  3. Is it possible to trade a “Base slot” for a “CV slot”?

  4. Yes i know, if you got balls, go for PvP planets…that’s the target we all have…just want to go there prepared and dont waste hours of gameplay just to start all back again…for the 1000000000th time!

Thx for any answer!


  1. Yes thats right.

  2. Sadly not. after 45 minutes the automatic function kicks in. Until then you will be warned

  3. Also not possible

As I played I had a macro on my mouse pushing the W key all the time. I went to dinner, TV, came back and were by 100k in orbit. Easy save for raids/wipes.

I’ve lost ships at 50k from planets…but the ship was on PRIVATE not Faction…i learnt it the hard way :smiley:

Anyway the question was to know if there were a “0 risk” way to keep more than 1 CV safe…i’m ok with the risks, just wanted to know!

Thx for the answers anyway, It’s completely clear now!

If you are in SPACE and you turn off the “backward thruster” the ship will go forward forever without wasting fuel!

Macro is VERY dangerous…once i activated macro and took a small microsleep… :smiley: so far none of my bases above 100km was found, no OP on them ever. When i started on HWS i lived 230km. Yes, microsleep is a b.tch.