CV limitations?

I could not find what the limitations are for the CV.
What is the block limit and item limit?
Is there a lime on the triangle?

Class 4. Thats the big one. It is an amalgam of Devices, Triangles, and Lights

Not yet. But soon

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I’m working on my Yellow Jacket Queen. How do I find out the class?

Step one: Blueprint it.
Step two: Look at blueprint

lol McProuty, did that already, just trying to keep her within the limits, hate to do all this work and not be able to bring her.

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Another question about the CV, how many is a faction allowed to have?

One per faction parked on either starter or elemental. Otherwise no limit really.

Just avoid round blocks, and 6 way connectors. Keep lights to a minimum. And use large boxes instead of small, or sv storage if you can.

I hope you have already looked at this:

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Thank you Obsey. Was worried no one would get it :yum:

@RexXxuS you mention this here, but the guide still says only devices count to ship class. Might be worth ammending. Atleast the link is definitely wrong now.

I edit it a bit, thx

Psst - Its already updated in the new version you’ve got in the GDrive. :wink:

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Need permissions to view it.

View what? Guide is now on the forum.

It’s also in-game PDA (press F1)