CV missing after CSW EU to NA

Last night I was able to CSW to EU from NA without problems. On the way back, EU to NA I had issues. Once I logged back into NA my ship was no where to be found. I waited a while and it didn’t spawn. Never seen it in Registry either. I finally gave up, spawned at home and logged off.
This morning, I was able to CSW from NA to EU again without issue. I remembered to name my CV this time and attempted the return trip again. Again, once logged back into the NA server I am without a ship. I do see my no name CV from yesterday in the EU to NA playfield in registry now but not my most recent CV “CSW-Sled”. That one shows as deleted in HWS Connect.

Oh yeah. I recorded it this time. If wanted, you can see me log back into EU after some time waiting in NA. Me CV is there for a second, then poof!

Edit: Went back to the game and now I do see CSW-Sled in the EU-NA. But I am in NA to EU.

Edit edit: I was able to get a lift provided to the other field. All is good now.

Yeah, ive noticed that the CSW does funky things with your ships sometimes… Its lagging well behind the player.

hm So the CV was in the wrong orbit? did it really warp then?
What if you relog after you warped… and wait a minute, then login, maybe he did not recognize the playfield beeing online? Just in case it happens again. would be of interest

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That’s a good question Jascha. Worth testing. I see this happen enough that it should be testable.

Also, I’ve noticed CSW warping people back to the origin server after they’ve been warped… in another playfield from CSW all together. Don’t want to dirty this thread with a diff topic, but seems there’s some lag in CSW perhaps. Anything I can do to stress/reproduce, either, Im all ears.

I would agree that there is a good bit of lag in the CV appearing on the server, only on a EU to NA jump though. It pops up in your face in no time going from NA to EU.
That is doable, just wait for it to pop up. The problem was it popped up in the other playfield of me. That was after re-logging a couple times and a good wait.
I will get the video uploaded and Link it here.

Here is the video. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell the whole story. I start out on the EU server in my “CSW-Sled” and di on. Warp and wait approx 2 minutes. At about 2:30 am logging into NA, spawned in the NA to EU orbit, unfortunately I forget to enable di. When I pull up registry you see “Capitol Vessel (CV)” in the EU to NA orbit. This was the CV I lost last night attempting to come back. That one also went to EU to NA orbit while I went to NA to EU.
At about 4:10 I log back into the EU server, see my “CSW-Sled” CV for a second and then it vanishes. Check registry, it’s gone. Log back into the NA server and still was only seeing the “Capitol Vessel (CV)” from last nights attempt.
What is not seen in the video is a few minutes after my original post, CSW-Sled was showing in the EU to NA orbit with my other CV. A good samaritan then stopped by to lend a hand in getting to my ships.

And yes, I did get stuck trying to get into my CV at the begging. :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for the infos…
Well one Major problem that I see so far is that eh does not recognize you as if you logged out, but somehow he loggs you in again… After switcheing server so often, he then thinks you are still online and trys things that are only possible when online. I have a fix for that… but only for 6.0.
Best thing is btw not to wait before loggin in to the other server, but login directly. Thats the safest actually. (Was a big change with the API change)

About the ship: Same problem with the Playfield. It did not show up as loaded… therefore 30 minutes later when the next logged in it showed up… :(.
In that case best is to: Login directly to other server. If ship does not appear. Log out again. Wait 1-2 minutes. Login again. Then it should work.

If you could try that next time, that would be nioce.
At the same time, I try to fix that issue on my side. Sorry for all the trouble.


I’ll update the guide - reccomendation is to wait to log in and let CSW do its thing for a few minutes based on the guide. Changing This could help alleviate a lot of these issues I’ve seen lately with the popularity of CSW rising with low NA populations.




So instantly logging in after the csw warp from EU to NA worked!
Thank you Jascha for the tip.


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