CV Not repairing

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What happened: CV refuses to repair
Player(s) with issue: Chaplain 515
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 2:12
Playfield: Binoimi
Structure Name(s): Chaplains, Basic Space Station
Structure ID(s): 4223846, 4120824
How can we help you now: Getting an Error ‘Ship type cannot be repaired’ when trying to repair my CV % or repair to template.

My team mate experienced the same issue today, “Ship type cannot be repaired” … it was a CV (not a garage ship) trying to be being repaired in space by a BA

Make sure it is horizontally aligned, has enough space on the pad, has landing gears and turned off.

All I can say with the given information for now.

I took it to a different base, located on a planet and it worked. Not sure why the space station was refusing to repair. Thank you for your time.

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