CV restrictions RE

I am looking at this section from the limits page :

3.4 HWS Capital Vessels (CV) weapon limits

  • 1 Detector
  • 6 Pulse Laser
  • 4 Rocket Launcher
  • 6 Drill Module
  • Choose 12 Projectile Turrets (Minigun or Cannon Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Laser Turrets (Pulse Laser or Plasma Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Fast Explosive Turrets (Rocket or Flak Turrets)
  • Choose 2 Slow Explosive Turrets (Artillery Turrets)
  • Choose 8 Tool Turrets (Drill or Multi Turrets)
  • 8 Sentry Guns

I am trying to adapt ships still and confused due to my ignorance in terminology so here goes :

  • I do not see Missle Turrets. Are we considering Rocket Launchers to be the same as Missle Turrets?

  • Are Laser Turrets qualifing under the Pulse or Plasma section? The Laser Turrets do not signify the difference.

Thanks for your patience with my questions .

these limits refer to the current configuration for the NA & EU servers. RE is using the default limits of the scenario itself. i do not know where a list would be but each device will tell u its maximum allowed amount if it has a limit. float over blocks or look at the device menus for their descriptions.

Perfect. So any limitations on the site are just for NA and EU?