CV Spawning

Has anyone managed to spawn one of their biggest CVs yet?

One recent test said:

12 block height ships work to spawn
13 block height ships not

Can we expect a hotfix from Eleon for this?

Only being able to spawn a CV within 200m of your own base would seem a viable compromise. In the same way server commands such as egs:recycle require the player to be within a certain distance.

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Temporary turned off now, yes


back on now and fixed - need to test.

I have tried very, very hard to spawn our largest CV and I cannot manage it. The space based platform I have created is not quite large enough and if I make it the correct size it becomes Class 8 which is too big for HWS. RexXxus, is it possible to ask the devs to relax the precision with which the spawn box has to be positioned. With a large CV the spawn box moves too much to get the box to go green, if it ever does. The spawn box also has to be exactly parallel with the platform, and I have found in space this is nearly impossible to achieve. I rather like the idea of having construction bases, but it is impossible to spawn large CVs with the level of precision needed at the moment,

Hey Aeonbug,

oh so you tried it with their “fix” and it is still not possible?
Can you do me a favor maybe and send me your platform and ship blueprint so I can show it to devs for a fix?

Still hoping for a fix, it looks like i cant spawn my class 7 ship with a height of 17 blocks. Any news from Eleon?

Did you try Page up/down? Should work now.

Otherwise please send me your blueprint and I check / Eleon fixes it.